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MEDURABLE is a non profit association (Law 1901) headquartered in Paris.

MEDURABLE intervenes in the field of sustainable development respecting:

  • The Millennium Goals in the context of adaptation to climate change,

  • Integrated water resources management (IWRM) at the basin level,

  • International solidarity


Its activities began during the 2000s as part of the Mediterranean initiatives oriented towards sustainable development.



The association seeks to respect the initiatives of Cop 21-22-23 as well as those of the Paris agreement. We contributed to the development of projects related to renewable energy efficiency, tools and innovative scientific and technological methodologies, deployment of sure, secure, clean, non-exhaustible and non-polluting energy in the Mediterranean region, training, governance and institutional recovery in the context of climate change adaptation.



Its mission is:

  • Protect natural resources through expertise,

  • The reflection and the realization of projects of collective actions around the Nexus water-energy-food.


Global warming is affecting our environment and our survival: weakening of biodiversity, over-exploitation of natural resources, excessive use of chemicals, the association therefore sets itself the objective of studying the three sectors - energy security, food security and water safety - which are inextricably linked-in order to maintain a balanced Nexus.



We offer innovative environmental solutions and adapt our interventions to different contexts, in Europe as well as in the Mediterranean, favoring a constructive approach in resolving disputes over trans-boundary resources and basins while respecting the Paris Pact. Our actions concern every individual, their well-being and their right to water, energy and food.


This is why our association is based on the active participation of responsible and supportive citizens, the public and private sector in order to ensure the achievement of the objectives of sustainable development. We work with political and scientific experts to form a model of sustainable governance.



Our association privileges the peaceful resolution of the conflicts, the work of our team thus relies on the adoption of Hydrodiplomacy allowing the resolution of the disputes through cooperation, thus reducing the risks of conflict in favor of economic development, of food security and energy self-sufficiency.


In this logic, we have devoted a part of our work to analyzing the impact of global warming on the political scene, which generates conflicts. For this purpose, we have been organizing conferences on "Hydrodiplomacy and climate change for peace in the Middle East" since 2015, addressing the situation of the Orontes, the Jordan (2016) and the Nile (2017) as initiator of mediation and dispute resolution.

Our projects devote a great deal of space to the use of unconventional waters according to the concept of the New Water Mass (NME).


We work for human and environmental security in every study and project we develop. Our work focuses on crisis management in order to identify and analyze the natural processes that generate risks and their impact in order to develop prevention policies.


It is in this perspective that we established in 2017 the East Mediterranean Observatory for Sustainable Development: Shared Eco-Risk Assessment Platform.


Medurable believes that natural resources are catalysts for peace and collaboration. Therefore, we encourage countries to put aside their differences, recognize the rights of each party realizing that just environmental and water governance supported by cooperation, peace and stability can limit the effects of global warming on humanity.

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