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Charafat AFAILAL

Board Member

Charafat Afailal, was the Minister in charge of water in the Moroccan government between 2013 and 2018 and is an expert on water and climate.

She graduated in 1997 from the Mohammadia School of Engineers, in Morocco, beginning a career of more than two decades in the field of water.

Her first experience as an engineer was in the Moroccan potable water office, where she contributed to the achievements of several major projects and programs of national importance.

As Minister, Charafat Afailal launched many important reforms and made several landmark achievements that ensured water security in a difficult climatic context. Many achievements were concluded under her leadership, such as the elaboration of the Moroccan water policy 2015-2030, development and implementation of the drought management plans, establishment of a new mode of groundwater governance, development of re-use plans and others.

Charafat Afailal also played an important role in the recognition of water as the sector most affected by climate change, which culminated in the organisation of the Water Action Day during Cop 22 by CCNUCC.

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